it my real story about myself !

" love is when the other person's happiness is more important than my own ".. being happy is doesn't mean that everything is perfect  .. it mean that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections .. when i speaking about love i think about my beloved boyfriend muszaimey ,,, having a boyfriend doesn't make away from other friendship because away from my other friendship . and because while im falling in and out of love will different guys my friend in community are my constant friend .. trust me " your friend will make you life become happy" ....should u happy and smile without ur friend ?  , be happy . its one way of begin wise .... for me , when i crying i will sharing it with my bestie ,.. solving this problem together with my boyfriend .. :) there are most important than everything .... ! happiness ? humm , sometimes i'm really crazy happy hahaha , but sometimes sadness become to my heart .. i can't control my emotion :(  i'm emotional .. huh ,  ... yeah im hot tampe .. ! that why i need somebody to change my life ,.. i can't control myself to start crying when someone showing anger to me :(

and today i got it ! my life already change , :) im always happy and make a smiley face to all people over there :) thanks god ! :)

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