terlalu rindu awak sayang

saye tak penah bosan tau syg dekat awak , walaupon baru 2 hari kite couple , u suke gedik2 dengan i .. awww ! :D i suke u sangat kalo u gedik dgn i ,,.. :) u suke kene kan i kan .. u jhat , eh tak ... u nakal :P oh sayang , sayang , sayang ...  sayang . i tak nak u curang skali pun dengan i , and u cakap dekat i " b syg bby sgt , bby comel gile" aww !! mane ade comel lah b , b pandai2 jee an ..

now , again i story about u sayang , u know what aaron , i just need u in my life that only i want from u , .. u talk to me that u in love with me since u know me right ? but , before this , when u say about relationship , i will say that im not ready yet to couple .. im sorry , but now , u already taken my heart and i reallyreally happy ..  i can't believe that we are in relationship now , wow ..  ! i'm like "crazy" when u say that u love me with all ur heart and , on 8/2/2011  1:00 a.m  i will remember the date , ... please show me that u can make me smile everyday .. can u hubby ? muahhh ,

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