biy , i syg u gile :'(  im crying when we're fighting sometimes  and not talking to much . .. :'( i'm really miss you .
herrm i cant stop to loving u , and i never want u stop from loving me :'( my love is only for u biy ,.. ur my best boyfriend of my life , please dont leave me alone , i really2 need u to accompanied me always, u only can make me smile and happy everyday ,.  :') thanks for your love towards me . everytimes i see you face when we're together on wc , im really happy and i cant stop myself to laughing with u everytime and every second minutes , . before i close my eyes , i see your picture and i will kiss my phone , its feel like i was falling in love with u for the first time , .. biy , i need u always beside me , i wanna hug u , kiss you  :'( im feel so lucky because i have you , and i got u before another person or girl take u from me .

azhrul , listen here ,... ur my everything i have .. jangan bt i sedey selalu oke ,..  muahh ..

sorry bi aku memang teruk , sorry kalau aku ade tulis salah ,.. ( baru nak belajar ) :) thanks ..

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