listen here boo .

hello , :)

ohh gossh , boo sorry takde niat nak buat u curiga pasal i online senyap2 !

 loving u is the best thing in my life ,  azhrul , only god know how much i love you .. <3 seriously im happy with u , .. hah , i will try to change my bad attitude , just because of u . i cry so hard about u . and i just thinking about you you and you ! i can't stop my life from loving you , boo , so many thing that happened right ? :'( azhrul ..  biy , do you remember when i wanted to break up ? ohh gosshh ! im really2 sorry for this :'( actually , i can't stay alone without u . then , sometimes u cried because of me right ? ohhmygodd , u so sweet azhrul :) it because u scared that i will changed and left you and forget about u right ? <3 nooonononon , i dah janjy nak sayang u je kan .. ,i will be angry if u comment a girl picture or status  so whatever on facebook . i hate that ! seriously i jealous !! sayang ,  actually i never throught that you would be mine :') yeye ! azhrul , thnks coz u so patient with me , im "baran" and " suke merajuk" wahahaha , just joking actually :') thanks gods i've you in my life ^^

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