hayy , kbai

hayy , lame tak update blog , hermm . boring actually, lagi2 sekarang ni tengah demam memang ah hilang mood smue -,- I need someone right now to accompany me :( , today I cant sleep because my head is sick, :( im getting bored , so fucking bored hermm ,. but last night I accompanied by someone hehehe  :D  anwar ,  I get the message from him.  seriously he is very sporting person :) funny, best  , hhaha we just know at facebook , he asked my cell phone number , for a few day we know each other ,last night i ask him to make a fake relationship because that time i was broken heart  :( nahh never mind la , i can get someone then him rite ?  :') so , anwar always beside me now ,. 3/12 were planning to meet and hang out together ;) yey! i was so happy  , :P okay la I cant afford  want to type again :'( dizziness so bye,.. ily capital A muahh! <3

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