sayang , tq so much! :')

heyy , yeye! im happy  :) ya i really3 love you la sayang , dapat 3g dengan b :') best sngt2 . b klakr , asyik nak ktawe je , thanks b , thank to allah sebb bagi aku bahagia sekarang ni , rase happy gile la :) lepas rindu sayang dekat b , sayang , I want to cry when u say u love me so, it appears I was wrong thought with you all before this :'( u are too good for me, u perfec enough for me, ,. I began to love u and I began to understand the ur situation now ,.

Tonight, I already know how much u love me , sayang , i cant say anything , u make me cry , u also always make me feel the love is true :') I MELTED!

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