hoi2 . :P

know how I can recognize by muhammad azeem ? let me story ya. hehe. first, I was online, then there are so many IM chat i got * bukn be'lgak. but I do IM chat is rarely treated other people, I see my chat from Azeem *this time, I dont know his name. hehe he say, * hai "and I reply" heyy "hoho. chat and ask all sorts, then I began to answer what he asked. last text, he give me the handfone number . wahahha! hby gatl: D then at the same time I was itchy, I take his number and send a message of "heyy u, ni number zety." but he did not reply, * keyh sbar jelah. hehe * text and text then couple. HAHA! create a relationship with him on facebook , i think it just a fake relationship ,then it looks right couple. yay, time tu happy, best :D . , thank God I was happy until now although always fight.. HeHe * facebook thanks jumpe kan sye dengan die :D

okay english aku mmg teruk :D aku twu . hoho .. tak payah kutuk :) bye

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