huby , bace ni . it just only for u :'(

:'( hubby , I dont know why now we are not like before, the happy, now, everything changed overnight, I dont know why you like this now, you want to know? I love you so. you say you dont want my state last year right? me too. I am only for you, it's my promise. so dont be naughty. I wholeheartedly love you until I die. I dont want you sad jus because of me  :'( . so please you. I cant :'(, if you were there, really miss you! you, happy one month anniversary huh? hope we can couple more old. I want you to stand with my temperament. and I will be patient with your behavior so Azeem! iloveyou more than everything I have. ~ 

please understand my feelings, that's all I ask from you hubby. please take care of my heart. please make me happy when couple with you. Im happy with our first date. , then the second date, only two of us came out right. I like. I lie down close to your shoulder, you kiss my cheek, you're hugging me, you hold my hand, I think that day is the happiest day for me. and now 20 / 8 we went out later date yet right? yay! I was very happy when heard. we want to find baju raya together right. yahoo! I the most like when hear hehe, you're very good with me Azeem. yah, the more I love you forever! Azeem please dont live me alone, ya.

ya allah, please it'is for me a chance to compete with him, he is my only love nowadays. * hny mintak maaf klo sllu sakit kan hati hby :'( . hny sayang hby and I love my famly right, but they live far away:'( I was sad when the other family look happy, I just want my family as before, that's it. please la. I have long been happy like this. Azeem,  come to see me.  take care of me when i sick, sat down with me. hang out together, can you? dont cheat me so! my loyalty is with you.'s my promise. I dont trick you! Azeem, you are mine only. but now kite tengah gado kan :'( 

                                                              lots of love , zety ..
hubby i really2 miss you , :'( hermm ,.

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