Sometimes, I feel like I was lonely without u b , today u made me laugh back :') when I cry, I just hope u are close beside me and persuade me, but we are far away, I don't want to wait patiently after spm examination :) stay together,:) I am happy be with u, can u hug me? I miss you to much : (  everyday u send the message that u love me so , I'm sorry I cant accompany u at anytime you're bored :( I'm jealous when you chat or messaging another woman, u don't have feelings like me that why u make me like this , then u promise u will not  repeat the same thing , okay i trust u , <3  But last night, I made u upset , I ask to broke up with u , b  a lot of our expectations right. I cant do anything, I just want you to believe me that I never cheated with you, I love u like u love me b,

to men out there please dont close right ruined our relationship, and  the women who love my boyfriend, dont stir our relationship! please go away , i hate u so much , much and much! damn u ,.

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