everything change,i feel very tired and i'm busy with my new life. some of my friend ask me why i've not update my blog and now i'm free.There's someone came into my life,thanks for everything.He completes my life.We spend too much time together,24/7 texting hehe,. I really need you to support me from behind, sharing problems.I still remember the day of our anniversary.watching movie together. huh , u still remember my text last night? , lagi 2 minggu je nak masuk 2 month kite kenal kan ? :') 2 bulan kite bersama , i mean , yelah kite mula rapat , mula kenal ech other , kongsi kasih sayang :') i hope u will be my husband oneday. please dont break my heart,no one can take u from me , no one okay ? look forward, think about the future. may allah bless us , our relationship :')

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