happy girl , happy me , happy life .  word can't describe what i feel now . thanks to allah for giving me a good man , who loved me so much . dear ardenazreen shafeq, almost 3 months we're together, you're too sweet for me ! romantic , you make me smile when i see your pictures, read our old conversation. as always, I always remind you 
"please don't leave me , please take care of your eyes and don't look at other girls , don't fall in love with them"  ..  can you do that for me ? FOR US ? i miss us , wanna meet you , wanna hug u tightly :'( i wish i can kiss you , and  cry in your arms . what you feel is not the same as what i feel , biy , i want a serious relationship , marry me please? :'( always pray for our happiness , sorry for always make you cry just because of me , sometimes i'm ego , i just want you feel what i feel inside my heart . i know u can feel that if you' really love me . ya allah,  please give some strength to us for our relationship

may allah bless our relationship, till jannah . amin :*  

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